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Supported Systems

Airpoint is independent but has technical partnerships in place with most of the major vendors including Niche, Northgate, SAS (Memex) and others. In house developed systems can usually be supported and Airpoint will work with the in house development team to provide a suitable solution.


Niche RMS is a single, unified, operational policing system that manages information in relation to the core policing entities – people, locations, vehicles, organizations (businesses or other groups), incidents (or occurrences) and property/evidence.

Niche RMS is an incident-centric system. Policing is about managing incidents and, irrespective of the incident type, there are common information requirements in relation to the location, people involved, vehicles involved or property relevant to the incident – for example, a stolen television, a damaged car or a weapon.


For police forces and authorities the current challenge to achieve significant cashable improvements while making best use of their resources, through improved efficiency and productivity.

Northgate are working with forces to drive improved operational outcomes, and other forces can benefit from this practical experience gained in supporting improvements in the utilisation of resources through enabling technologies.

SAS (Memex)

Law enforcement management agencies globally are under pressure to achieve efficiencies by achieving more with less. The current economic climate means agencies have to cope with budget cuts and reorganisation while at the same time deliver the equal if not higher level of service to their customers. Many countries are undergoing modernisation, regionalisation and national programmes that they must execute and comply with, putting further pressure on resources and infrastructure. SAS policing technology provides a complete end to end Law Enforcement Solution (encompassing Events, Intelligence Case, Custody and Covert Intelligence) that enables agencies to address these new challenges whilst optimising operational law enforcement needs.


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