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Smartforms & BPM


SmartForms is one of very few mobile applications with the security built in to collect data to evidential standard. Meeting the NPIA’s requirements for capture of evidential data such as Witness Statements, the application enables forces to maintain Victim satisfaction and streamline the process of taking a statement and updating it to the case file.

The solution is part of Mobile Policing Suite (MPS2) that also uses the HTML5 cross platform technology. A significant advantage of the SmartForms solution is that it sits within the sandboxed MPS2 solution on tablet and other platforms and forms part of a larger set of processes covering Incident Management, Crime Reporting and data capture via SmartForms. The aim of this being an integrated set of processes is that the officer will be able to attend an incident and make a decision whether it is a crime. If the incident is to be recorded as a crime, this can be done immediately. Following production of the crime report, the officer can then proceed to take statements. This all takes place in one visit so that the office can deal with some types of incident from start to finish in just one visit and with no further follow-up action required back at the station.

Airpoint is using the national PKI with Smartcards to achieve digital signatures with NPIA issues certificates. The solution can also allow the use of smartcards for authentication of the user and allow them to login.


Business Process Management (BPM) provides organisations with a method of creating and operating processes that use data from their existing systems base. The benefits of a Service Orientated Architecture are maximised through BPM and Airpoint’s solutions are being integrated into a BPM layer. This allows system services to be used consistently for all processes and is particularly effective where forms or documents are being managed with approvals and secure document management storage for evidential purposes. Airpoint’s SmartForms solution can be integrated with BPM platforms including Alfresco Activiti, Bonitasoft or others. The processes delivered via BPM and SmartForms can be benchmarked using the performance monitoring of the BPM engine. Ultimately, a set of industry benchmarks will be available that unequivocally demonstrate the value of best practice processes delivered by Airpoint.


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