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MPS2 provides sophisticated search functionality and data collection processes to support operational police officers on the street, increasing visibility and reducing back office cost.

MPS2 delivers enhanced mobile processes rather than a duplication of back office applications on a mobile device. This distinction is very important as mobile users tend to need small amounts of data from multiple sources whilst back office staff will require considerable detail in a specific area. This learning accounts for the 2 in MPS2 as we moved from an applications approach to a process approach.

The search functions in MPS2 underpin the processes for identification of a person or a vehicle. Once the person is identified, their record is available to the officer and the officer can respond appropriately. There are numerous benefits such as reduced radio traffic, reduced control room resource is required, the officer has a more complete picture than would be possible over the radio and more appropriate action will be taken by the officer.

Person Search

Federated person search matches local and national data. Person search delivers a consolidated view of local and nation information about a person. Simple single sign on means officers have all the information they need, including PNC data and custody images, from a single application. In addition, Mobile ID fingerprint devices can be integrated.

Vehicle Search

Vehicle search provides PNC and local information about a vehicle. Keeper details link through to Person search so officers can quickly identify and obtain all relevant keeper information.

Location Search

The location search returns information about addresses including linked incidents / occurrences and people. The officer can then drill down and search the occurrence or person from within the application.

Drivers License Search

The driver licence search is standalone or linked to the keeper details in the Vehicle search. Using PNC data the driver’s details can be quickly checked without reference to the control room.


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