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Mobile CSI

Mobile CSI is an additional module part of Airpoint’s Mobile Policing Suite (MPS2) of applications which has been designed and developed by working closely with forces throughout the UK.

Data collected at the scene of a crime is currently recorded on paper, and then entered into the case management system back at the station. This is both inefficient and delaying the information being available to other officers.

Airpoint’s Mobile CSI aims to create efficiency in enabling the officer to update information which is saved in Real-Time and allows captured data to be instantaneously available for other officers.


  • Linked to case management system with instantaneous data updates
  • Collates and maintains forensics about the crime and the scene details
  • Includes MO details
  • Allows for a skeleton case to be quickly and easily created
  • Enter and search by property and/or vehicles
  • Can be linked to other Scene of Crime applications

Key Benefits

  • Allows officers to efficiently record information directly into case management system and move onto the next case
  • Case management system instantly updated so the data about a suspect is available to other officers within minutes
  • Eliminations quickly recorded and made available to other officers

Mobile CSI could also be integrated with a number of case management systems such as Socrates, Locard etc…


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