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Incident Management

Incident management forms part of a wider process that starts with the incident but may include Crime Reporting and subsequently Electronic Witness Statement. Links to core services and mapping options, provide the officer with clear information to support decision making. Information relating to vulnerable people is a priority with the system geared to highlighting the frequency of incidents as well as the severity.

Command & Control

Airpoint’s Command and Control solution provides the officer with immediate access to the despatch system and most importantly, the incident log. The log is updated in real time and depending on the device platform can be automatically updated without the need for officers to manually refresh. The solution provides the ability for the officer to update the log and request that an incident is closed. The solution supports the command structures and does not conflict with them. The solution is also linked to other core services within the MPS2 suite so that an officer can get full access to person, vehicle or address data from within the command and control client.

The command and control module provides the essential despatch functionality as a standalone module. However, it can be integrated into a broader set of processes that form Incident Management.

Crime Reporting

Crime reporting is part of the Incident Management process group and sits between the incident front end of the process and the witness statement. When an incident is confirmed as a crime the officer can create a crime report from information in the incident. To reduce the number of fields input by the officer, incident data is mapped to the crime report. Additional information can be added by the officer as appropriate. This allows the officer to “crime” an incident at the scene and begin investigation immediately. Once the crime report is complete, the officer then has the option to create a witness statement if the witness is available. This can save multiple visits to the scene and allows some incidents to be brought to a conclusion in just one visit.


The Electronic Witness Statement provides officers the capability to take a statement on a range of mobile devices including MDT’s, tablets and handheld devices. This module integrates with the national or local force PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) so that the document produces is digitally signed to evidential standard. The solution meets the National Policing Improvement Agency checklist and guidelines and has been independently assessed to ensure its ability to stand up to a court challenge.


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