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Crime Tasking

Crime Tasking is an additional module part of Airpoint’s Mobile Policing Suite (MPS) of applications which has been designed and developed by working closely with forces throughout the UK.

For most forces in the UK, an officer must go into the state to personally retrieve a list of tasks to complete during their shift. As technology is playing a major part of the future of Policing, it has been made clear by various forces throughout the country that being able to send this data wirelessly to an officer would bring sufficient benefits.


  • Access to caseload and tasks allocated by supervising officer
  • Officers can update tasks as they are completed
  • Ability to see other officers caseloads
  • Ability to enquire on any crime number
  • All supporting information in the crime database is available
  • Standard Actions checklist to ensure correct procedures are followed

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced officer dependence on calling/visiting station to obtain vital information
  • Reduced red tape – officer can update tasks from the handheld
  • Increased officer effectiveness - more time spent out in community fulfilling service commitments

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